Have you ever made a decision that you’ve regretted afterwards? Of course you have. However, has that wrong decision ever cost you £15,000 and been something as simple as opening a can of Coca-Cola?

Worse still, did you film that mistake and let it loose onto the internet for all to see? Count yourself lucky, then.

A mum from Bristol called Dani Andres recently filmed herself opening a can of Diet Coke that she got as part of a multipack that had a rare factory flaw that means that there was little to no Diet Coke actually inside the can.

She bought it from online shopping retailer Ocado and realised quickly – presumably through the fact that it weighed very little – that something was not quite right with it.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

So, thinking she might get a freebie from Coca-Cola to make up for their mistake, she filmed herself opening the sealed can and pouring it out. That showed that there was, in fact, less than a mouthful of Diet Coke therein.

That was also her biggest mistake.

She tweeted the soft drinks manufacturer by way of a complaint, saying: “I swear I’m not some kind of magician but please can someone with skills in sorcery save my Diet Coke Break.”

However, little did she know that cans of Diet Coke (or regular Coca-Cola for that matter) without much liquid in them are actually very rare and collectable – if you find the right buyer.

The problem is, they’ve got to be completely sealed.

A cursory search online shows some unopened empty cans selling for up to $19,000 (around £15,500). The market is definitely there, too. Some of the listings have a load of people watching them to see how much they go for, and when others become available.

Damn, that’s got to hurt quite a bit.

That being said, how many of us would have known that and kept the can sealed for sale? My guess is not many.

Credit: eBay
Credit: eBay

And, if she’s looking for a silver lining, Coca-Cola have actually agreed to look into the flaw for her after all.

A spokesperson said: “We work hard to ensure our drinks reach consumers in perfect condition.

“We haven’t been contacted by the consumer but would be happy to investigate this further if she gets in touch with us.”

Well, she did tweet you guys, and she’s lost £15k by opening a can of Diet Coke. That’s got to be worth a free glass and a six pack, don’t you think?

Featured Image Credit: eBay/PA