Giovanni threw shade at the other dancers after he and Debbie got slap on the wrist for rule break  [BBC]

Strictly Come Dancing duo Debbie McGee and Giovanni Pernice were given a slap on the wrist for breaking the rules during their quick step dance and have not been able to forget it. 

Dance professional Giovanni let his thoughts be known on the controversy, suggesting all dancers need to follow the rules. 

While explaining why his choreography didn’t meet the judge’s standards he blamed a last minute ”music change”. 

Strictly Come Dancing 2017: Fans were stunned as Shirley Ballas appeared to throw shade at Debbie McGeeDebbie and Giovanni were given a dressing down over the quick step mishap[BBC]

Speaking to Zoe Ball on Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two he said: ”The thing is the music changed so all of us when the music changed we went and put something different”. 

”Just to not annoy the people at home”. 

He continued: ”But I’m going to respect the rules as long as all of the others respect the rules”. 

Strictly Come Dancing: Debbie McGee's It Takes Two interview stopped after unexpected incident: Debbie McGee remained silent throughout her dance partner’s rant  [BBC]

Picking up on the dancer’s jab Zoe agreed that Giovanni made a valid point in his observations.

”That’s a fair point if you get penalised, everyone should be penalised” she said. 

After the host’s reassurance Giovanni went further in suggesting others had broken similar rules. 

Giovanni did not hold back while he let his feelings known to Zoe Ball [BBC]

He said: ”Everybody has to respect the rules because it’s not possible to have lifting tango”. 

”It’s not possible to break the rules on the quick step like someone did”. 

”Rules are rules and we’re going to respect the rules promise you but…all of us have to respect the rules,” he concluded. 

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