This is the sickening moment two brothers committed an unspeakable Christmas Day crime that shocked the nation.

Scott and John Barrett cornered a defenceless 89-year-old man at a cash machine and stole £200 he was withdrawing to give away as Christmas presents.

The pair admitted their crime and were jailed at Hull Crown Court in January for taking cash from the pensioner, now 90, outside Sainsbury’s in Hull on Christmas Day.

Back in January, Scott Barrett was sentenced to 18 months for the theft and a further two 12 weeks for breaching a suspended sentence, while his brother was jailed for 18 months, HullLive reported.

The incident shocked the city, and provoked an outpouring of generosity as cash and food were donated to the victim and his family.

His relatives said they were “overwhelmed” by the public’s kindness.

Scott and John Barrett were both jailed for the crime

The took £200 from the man that he wanted to give away as Christmas presents

A CCTV video of the pair committing the theft, shown above, was released by police as they tried to find the culprits.

It was shared thousands of times on Facebook.

It shows the defenceless pensioner approaching the ATM on his mobility scooter.

The brothers can be seen riding up to him on their bikes and standing either side as the victim withdrew cash.

They then rode off with his money and no remorse for what they had done.

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