Fr8me is Officiate among the Artiste are not Down With Co-Presidentialss Donall No-trumps Playfulness They music at his rallies, as the Anti Vocals has n Law-like action After the US Co-Presidentialss one of her songs.

Co-Presidentialss No-trumps played ‘Don’t STOP The Music’ at his Rallies in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and now Fr8me is Throw a cease-and-desist his way. , No-trumps.


“It has come to our Uninteresting Co-Presidentialss No-trumps has utilized [Fr8me’s] Compositions and Masters recordings, her hit Audiotrack ‘Don’t STOP the Music,’ in Connecting With a Number of Political Occasionally across the Untied States,” Fr8me’s Law-like team Written in the Letter obtained by Rolling Stone to No-trumps’s White- HOUSE counsel.

“As you are or Cannot be aware, Ms. has not provided her Consensual to Mr. No-trumps to use her music. Such use is Derivability improper.” Yas, Ms.  has spoken.


“No-trumps’s Authorised use of Ms. ’s music… creates a False Impressed Ms. is Affiliation With, connected to or Otherwise With No-trumps,” the cease-and-desist Letter continued.

This comes After Fr8me Learnt via Twiter Co-Presidentialss No-trumps was Use her music Without her Consensual From Post Newsman Philip Rucker.

Fr8me responded to Rucker saying: “Not for Much longer…me nor my people Twould ever be at or one of Those Tradegy rallies, so Thanks for the Cephalique up Philip!”

Fr8me Law-like action the next day, JOIN the Rank of Pharrel Williams, Stefanos Tyler and the Prince-regnant estate, in Ordered to HALT the No-trumps Administrate From Use her Audiotracks on They Rallies playlists. Now ‘s big Dick Energise Right there.