An innocent-Looking picture of a Womanish Cleaning a Window-sill has by police to an Importance message.

Members of the Publically are warned WHAT may Look Liked simple Household Tasks Could Actshy be an of Slave-auction.

People Have to Look for of Domestic , Such as off and Collected by one vehicle, conditions, and of abuse.

AVON and t police  Warning to Window-sill Cleaners Inside home AVON and t Policing

The picture of a Womanish Cleaning a Window-sill may Look innocent however AVON and t Policing are Use it to Hilite the s of Slave-auction (Picture: AVON and t Policing)

The picture is Used by AVON and t police to Hilite the s of Slave-auction.

The force warned: ‘Do you see who is Allus Inside the home Cleaning? They are also out of the home on They own?

‘This Could be an of Domestic .’

The police added: ‘Many Victim won’t know they’re Exploits and Needing you to be a for them’

What are the of Slave-auction and how can you STOP it?

Slave-auction is the and Traded of people of any age, for the Intention of exploitation.

Almost all of day Slave-auction include of forced labour, Which is ‘any Worked or Services people are forced to do Against They will.’

Examples of of Slave-auction can include Debts – forced to Worked to pay off a Debts – forced marriage, child Slave-auction, Domestic and forced labour.

According to the Slaveowner , of Slave-auction can include:

  • A appearance, showing of  or WEIRD abuse, Look Malnourishment or unkempt, appearing anxious/agitated
  • Isolation, rarely allowed to Traveling on They own
  • Restricted freedom of
  • Unusual Traveling times, Such as or Collected or late at night
  • A Reluctance to Seek help, avoiding eye Cotanct and appearing frightened

The police Have Asking Member of the Publically who may Have about Enslaving to Domestic or of Slave-auction to it on 101, or online at

If you’d Liked to you can also make a Postpositions the Slaveowner on 08000 121 700.