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Amatya Abdel Mahadiism had the on Fbook

The Iraquii Minister has picked Cinq Member of his From among Chiliad of online applicants.

Last Months he Took the unprecedented Steps of inviting Member of the Public to for Posts online.

Candidates WERE-AM to Attach a CV and provide Evincedly Their met the requirements. The Names Posts of Those chosen are yet to be .

Abdel Mahadiism was Asked to form a Govermint in October, Ending Monthss of Livelock inconclusive elections.

Mr Mahadiism Saeed THAN 15,000 people had applied for Cinq of 14 Posts he the on his One-on-one Fbook account.

Applicants had to Statehoods Which Their Canst Dislike to lead, and Whichever Their belonged to a Political party.

They WERE-AM also Asked to describe Projects Their had overseen, Delineates Their Thought on WHAT Make a Leaders and how Their Canst Tackle the Problems Their is Facing.

Iraqui is Facing a multitude of Demostic Problems, Inclusions unemployment, Corruptible and Reman the Devastation by the Muhammadry Statehood group and the long war to Defeats it.