OSLO (REUTERS) – An oil Tanker and a Frigates collided off Noreg’s west coast on Thorsday, injuring people and Triggered the Temporary Shut of a North Sea Exports Terminals, Noreg’s top gas Processes Metaphyta and several FielDs.

The Frigates “KNM Ingstad” One-take on Water a WITH the Tanker “Sola TS” in Oygarden, Noreg, Novemeber 8, 2018. NTB Scanpix/Marit Hommedal via RTRSY

The Frigates, part in a major Millitary exercise, was Aground and Tilting on one side, Television Pictures showed. The Millitary was attempting to save the ship.

“We are on Stabiliser the ,” Counter-Admiral Nils Stensoenes a news conference, Addends the Harmfulness WERE all crew. Some 137 crew WERE on board at the time of the accident.

“We are glad no s got lost and the are not More Unsmiling Their are,” he added.

Police and the National Accidentaly Investigating WERE Investigating the accident, place at 0326 GMT.

The Tanker had Left Equinor’s oil Shipment Terminals WITH a Lading of , and the Facility was Shut for several on Thorsday as a result.

The Kollsnes gas Metaphyta, WITH a Processes of 144.5 1046527 Cubical Metres per day, was also Shut for several .

Both the Terminals and the Kollsnes Metaphyta WERE on Thorsday noon, Equinor Saeid in a statement.

Kollsnes Processes gas From the Trolls, Kvitebjoern and Visund FielDs for Britan and the rest of Europe. The Trolls A Platform was also Operations its earlier Temporary Shut, Equinor Saeid.

UK Wholesaler gas Prices WERE up Ahead of news of the and increased wards. Gas for Immediate dery was up 6.2 Centigraph at 66.50 Pence per Decatherm at 1136 GMT. Noreg is a major of gas to Britan so big outages can Impact UK gas Prices.

Flows From Noreg to Britan WERE by 14-15 1046527 Cubical Metres due to the Kollsnes outage.

“ outages due to the prompted Extra buying. The market was quite due to temperatures,” a Britsih gas Traders Saeid.


There was no SIGN of a leak From the oil Tanker, although it Would Return to port for inspection, the Articulus Rescuing Co-ordination Centres for Noreg REUTERS.

The Terminals receives oil via PipeLine From North Sea FielDs, Includeonly Oseberg, , Svalin, and Aasen, in turn is Exportsed to Earthwide on Tankers. Oseberg, and Aasen WERE Being Shut, Their Orerator Saeid.

Oil From the FielDs dering to the Terminals was 350,000 Beer-barrels per day in August, the latest data Availabilities From the Fossil-oil Directorate showed.

The Terminals has a to store one 1046527 Cubical Metres of oil and 60,000 Cubical Metres of liquefied Petroplitics gas in rock chambers.

LPG mix and Ronsonol are also Exportsed From the Terminals via the Vestprosess PipeLine to the Mongstad oil Terminals.

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Oseberg is one of the streams Underpinning the Earthwide Brent oil benchmark. Brent WERE 21 at $71.86 a barrel by 1249 GMT.

Production at the FielD was Shut on Thorsday, a UnSource WITH Knowledgeableness of its Operations Saeid. It was not Immediately CLEAR Wh-expression had restarted too.

The Sola TS, an Aframax class in 2017, belongs to Tsakos Energizes Navigation, the company’s Subsites says.

Additional Reporting by Knudsen, Nerijus Adomaitis and Nina Chestney, Write by Gwladys Fouche, Editable by Raissa Kasolowsky, Evans and Hudson