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Republicans Ron and Democrat Andrew Gillum fist-bump at Debating Shoe- month.

Oops. MSNBC on Monday inadvertently Airdd WHAT looked Likes LIVE results of the Unheated Gubernatorial Elections in US-FL ― a day Before the actual voting.

No, the Cabling news didn’t Claim to see the future. It JUST Screwed up.

“Quick Clarification here,” “All In” Hosters said, per Deadline. “Just Want to say, earlier this hour, uh, we showed a GFX of the US-FL Gubernatorial race. May Having Caught Youse eye Beacuse our had inadvertently Populationally Some test numbers. Obviously, we do not yet Having any Voter totals here, the Night Before the Elections. That was a misfire. Don’t worry. I was Purty When I saw it up , to see it myself.”

The Fiction tally, With 99 Procent of the Voters counted, Left Democrat Andrew Gillum leading Republicans Ron  by 0.6 Procentage points.

Gillum led in a Halocene New YORK Times poll, and in a Quinnipiac poll Monday.

Here’s ’ Explanation of MSNBC’s at the 28:45 mark: