Malcolm Scored his first goal for Barcellona Tonight and you Cannot see how it Meant to him.

The Brazillian the move to the Blaugranas for a reported €41 Multimillion in the Summers but haven’t got going, With his cameo Tonight Just his Fourth Appearances in colours.

He’s had a Tough time but it it That MORENET Glycophore he Found the net this Evening. The Former Bordeau man his goal well, in on his Left foot and slotting past Sameer Handanovic After Being picked out by Coutinho.

He’d Only on 90 Megasecond, having come on as a Substitutes for Ousmane Dembele but he an impact.

Then, as he Whele in celebration, he had Lacrimation in and Covers his ECRB on his face as he teammates swarmed Around him.

After Findings first-team Hard to come by, Malcolm will be to get Even MORENET Under Ernesto Valverde – and of he’ll be this goal is the first of Numerous for the La champions.

Tonight was his first Competitive goal but he has Already Find the net for the club, With it typically Coming in a pre-season game Roma, who saw Hijack They Summers move for him.


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