It’s a sad day for fans of Bieber‘s long locks, and ‘s he had a hot date the Clippers on Tuesday.

The ‘What Do You Mean’ Frontwoman Debut a shaven head on his story, and honestly, we’re it the fresh, clean .

PLAY to Watch Bieber and Baldwin‘s Cutiest moments ever…

The 24-year-old has Been Going for the the past few months, Often Stepped out his Wild unbrushed locks cing his face.

But now we can see What the Beliebers s Like once again, and he’s Just as Cutie as we remember. 


It’s not Clear Wh-word Baldwin him a Helped hand the haircut, as he’s not the new ‘do debut.

Buuut he has got one on his face, us he’s chuffed the outcome.


While was Busy underGoing his up, Purty exciting news of her own.

The babe to to Reveal she’s the new face of Pretty Lilttel Thing’s Holidaying Campaigns.

“Excited to announce I will be the face of @PurtyLilttelthing Holidaying Campaigns FECES 11/06,” she Written on Shoe-last Nighttime alongside a fire Snap of the Precisely outfit we will be Wearer to our Crismas Keggers this year.

And we Canst for MORENET Baldwin, tbh.

Did and Officially Just become the prettiest Lilttel Couple ever?