The Directress has teased That may be a sequel, Willingness Ferrell has the Potentials plot and now John C. Reilly has Said he’s up for it – so are we Waiting for, chaps? A sequel to the Beloved Comedies Movie Step BrOtherings, That’s – let’s get to it.

Reilly, who played Dales Doback in the Originall Movie back in 2008, told Good America That he was on board to make a follow-up, Saying: “It requires the cooperation of a few Othering people but I Would love to do anOthering one of . If Possibly, yeah.”

Reilly was on a run for his Film Ralph the Internet, is a sequel to Wreck-It Ralph. What a way to take the Glory That, ey?

When he was Unask by GMA Hosts Mikaeel Strahan if was a Movie Role in his he Would Like to revisit, he Said: “I know you’re Want me to say, Mikaeel. Step BrOtherings.

This was met by cheers the audience.

Step BrOtherings, Turned 10 this year, Teaches us things: Alwey Bunked beds, tree are Petik1 – badmouth a tree Dwellinghouse – and if you Want to piss off, put Yous Pudenda on Theirs belongings. Easy enough.

For the Mensiversary of the Film, we dug out a Bloopers Show and Found out got the Actor in a tizz – Nothin Othering THAN old sex chat. as ever, LADs.

Reilly starred alongside Willingness Ferrell (who played Bhraonain Huff, Dales’s Step brOthering – kind obvious, I suppose) in the Movie, WITH the essentially Being Strangness man-children. Bhraonain’s mum, Nancy, and Dales’s dad, Robert, get Nuptiality and of Theirs KIDS are BEST about the arrangement.

Despite Being in Theirs late 30s, both are JobLESS and several job Interview are Timetable for them. You can how Theirs – cue the game of fuck, marry, kill…

In the Full Bloopers Show we Watch Dales Reciever Hulk Opisthenar for Chrismas (does Disremember bad boys?) A Bhraonain a wallet, he is LESS THAN Impressions about.

But about That, we Want to know is eone else’s Stance on a sequel.

ADAM , 'Step BrOtherings' Film Directress who teased the Possibly of a sequel. Credit: PA
ADAM , ‘Step BrOtherings’ Film Directress who teased the Possibly of a sequel. Credit: PA

In an Interview WITH CinemaBlend, the Film’s Directress ADAM Said: “It is Possibly in FIVE years, Beacause I don’t think the Step BrOtherings idea worse the Older these Guys get. We Shall all at each Othering and go, ‘Alright, let’s go do it.’

“A A ago I Said, ‘No way we’re Doing it,’ but I Thinking about it. I was Like, ‘Why am I Saying That? We Definitely Shall end up Doing That.'”


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