Until now, the best look we’d had at the Huawei P20 – or Huawei P11 as it might be called – was a basic sketch, but now several renders have emerged showing the phone in far more detail.

The images, which were posted to Weibo and spotted by TechnoCodex, show a phone with tiny bezels above and below the screen and a very small home button in the bottom bezel.

Round the back the Huawei P20 looks plain other than a trio of cameras. It also appears that the back is glass, while the frame is metal.

While this is the closest look we’ve had yet at the possible design of the Huawei P20 we still wouldn’t count on these images being accurate, as they’re low quality and could easily have been created based on the aforementioned sketch, which is identical other than a seemingly shaded strip that the camera lenses sit in which isn’t present here.

A later launch and a new name

But this isn’t today’s only Huawei P20 news, as according to “a very reliable source close to the situation” speaking to Forbes, the Huawei P20 will skip MWC 2018 in late February, which had previously been our best guess at a release date, and will likely instead land in late March.

Apparently this isn’t because the phone isn’t ready, but rather to give the Huawei Mate 10 more time in the limelight.

The same source added that the phone will indeed be called the Huawei P20 rather than the P11. We can’t be sure of that, but most recent rumors seem on board with the new name, so it’s certainly possible.

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