HOLLY Willoughby is close to Kate Middleton when it comes to her effect on style.

[undefined]Holly Willoughby is never one to fail with her wardrobe choices [Holly Willoughby/Instagram]

Constantly updating us on her look and where we can get it from on Instagram, Phillip Schofield’s co-presenter has fast cemented herself as a fashion go-to for all those who love to shop.

Receiving hundreds of comments a day as well as thousands of likes on the picture sharing site, that’s not to mention the comments on Twitter, it’s clear that whatever the mum of three is doing in the wardrobe department is working.

So how does Holly always look so good? Here’s her top style secrets.

One of the things Holly’s fans love most about her is her ability to mix and match high street brands with designer.

The 35 year old’s favourites include Marks and Spencer, Zara and Public Desire.

[undefined]The 35 year old loves to mix highstreet buys with big designer names [Holly Willoughby/Instagram]

As one of the biggest faces on TV, it’s only natural the Meet The Parents presenter has bagged herself one of the best stylists in the industry.

Holly Willoughby’s best This Morning looks

Holly Willoughby nails the monochrome look in a River Island top and Zara skirt [Holly Willoughby/Instagram]

Take her white pencil skirt for instance, the blonde wore that countless times over the summer as she quickly realised just how great for her figure it was. And there’s NO shame in that.

[undefined]Phillip Schofield’s co-presenter could not get enough of this white pencil skirt [Holly Willoughby/Instagram]

It seems obvious to state, but Holly knows better than anyone that your best body feature should always be your focus.

Even just a quick flick through her Instagram feed, you’ll notice Fearne Cotton’s friend rarely forgets to highlight her waist. 

Whether she’s wearing a pencil skirt, a high-waisted mini skirt or a dress which nips her in just above the hips – Holly knows it’s essential for making her figure look as fabulous as it always does.