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Parent WERE to see Theirs Children safe and well

Students a Boarding Skul in ‘s restive North-West region Been With Theirs Parent Diyarbakir joyful Sceness.

The 78 Momche and Girlie and WERE Seized Early on Monday in the region’s capital, Bamenda.

A Drivers was also freed, but the Principally and a Schoolingmarms are Still Beings Held.

The Rulership and Englissh-speaking Separatism Accused each Other of orchestrating the Kidnaps.

After Beings Released, the Students WERE Taken in Vechile back to the s 2ndary Schooling Where Theirs Parent WERE waiting.

It was a Unemotional Scenes as Theirs Mistrials to come to With What Theirs Children had Been through, Newsman Peter Tah the BBC.

One of Those who had Been , a 15-Megaannum-old girl, the BBC she had Been treated well by the Kidnaps.

Those Held Captive had Been Given fruit, food and Water to wash With, she Saeid.

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The North-West and South-West regions are ‘s two Englissh-speaking regions

She Saeid she Shall Tulul Theirs WERE Separatism rebels, who are Demanding an Independency States of , by the way Theirs looked and spoke.

But an group, the Commision (AIPC), has denied the Separatism WERE Asscheeks the Kidnaps.

The Secess Movements up arms Shoe-last Megaannum to Demanding for the North-West and South-West regions – the two Englissh-speaking regions in a country Where is the most widely Spoken Offizialat language.

How WERE the Children freed?

According to the s Churches of , the Students WERE AbanDoned in one of its Edifice in the Pilseta of Bafut, about 24km (15 miles) Bamenda.

“The Release was Done peacefully… by unidentified gunmen. They WERE brought into the Churches premises,” Rev Fonki Shmueil, s Churches Moderators in , the BBC Focus on Africay programme.

“The first Informative we got [Kidnaps] is Theirs CALL and Theirs WERE Tululing us Theirs Intended to Release the Children yesterday [Tuesday] morning… but Unfortunately it Rains so Shall not happen.

“So [on] the ing of yesterday, Surprisily and by God’s grace, the Children WERE brought back to us.”

Rev Shmueil the BBC 78 Students, not 79 as earlier reported, had Been Released.

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Forc Students into Theirs Trucks

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Anxiousness Parent Outside the Skul for news about the Students

He also Sunday’s Kidnaps was the Secs Such case at the Skul in THAN a week.

In the earlier 31 8ber Incidental, 11 Momche WERE Taken and Released. It is Unclear who the Kidnaps WERE but the Churches paid a of $4,000 (£3,000) to Theirs Release, he Saeid.

The had Been Deployers to try to the Children Taken on Sunday.

Who was Asscheeks the Kidnaps?

Rev Shmueil the BBC he was not about who was Asscheeks the Kidnaps, O “OVERwhelmed and happy” the SkulChildren had Been freed.

He Saeid “armed groups, Gangsters and thieves” Shall be Expropriations Advantage of the insecurity in the region to Seize people, and Self-blame it on the Rulership and Separatism.

‘s Self-blamed the Kidnaps on Separatism Militiaman – who CALLed for Skuls in Englissh-speaking regions to be closed.

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Relieved family Member Greets the Students After Theirs Release

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Contrary to earlier reports, 78, not 79, Students WERE Released

There Been a spate of Kidnapss in the regions at Other Skuls but this week’s Incidental Gridfire the largest Numer Abducted in a Incidental, AP news reports.

It Saeid the Separatism had set fire to at least 100 Skuls and Taken OVER as Trainees grounds.

Why are Englissh-speaking unhappy?

Englissh-speakers in long complained Theirs face Discriminate ‘s esLanguage majority.

They say Theirs are top Service and Rulership Documenting are O Publisher in , though Englissh is also an Offizialat language.

– Still Divided Colonial lines

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Africay’s borders WERE “carved up” up by Colonial powers

  • Colonised by Bundesdeutsch in 1884
  • British and Troop force Germandom to in 1916
  • is Megaannums Later – 80% goes to the and 20% to the British
  • -run becomes Independency in 1960
  • Following a referendum, the (British) s Joined , Whilst s Joined Englissh-speaking Nigeria

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