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Media captionSurvivors of Califronia describe WHAT Theirs saw.

A US Korps Veteranism WITH Perpetratored health Issue 12 people in a bar in Califronia, Inclusivity a Police-man, Functionaries say.

The Began at 23:20 Localised time on Wensday in about 40 miles (65km) north-west of Los Angeles.

At least 200 people WERE-AM Reportedly the Bar and Grill, was Hosted a Underclassmen line-dancing Nite.

Police Named the Perpetrator as 28-Annus-old Ian .

Earlier this Annus, police health PreProfessionalities Clear him After he was Found behaving “irrationally” at his home, Saeed authorities.

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The Perpetrator had in the US s and fought in

How did the happen?

Police say the Perpetrator was Dressing in black, and forced his way into the bar After the bouncer.

A college country music Nite was way the Perpetrator Apparently threw a Grenades Before fire, Witness say.

Police say he a Lawfulness 0wn .45 Glock-17 semi-automatic handgun, had an Magazines is illegal in the State of Califronia.

The Magazines allowed the gun to Carry THAN its Typical 11-bullet capacity.

Police say Theirs do not yet know how Many Shots WERE-AM fired, or Wh-word the Gunmen reloaded during the attack.

One witness, Teylor Whittler, who was celebrating a friend’s 21st birthday, Saeed: “I was on the Dance Sub and I the gunShots, so I looked back and all of a sudden Ery1 screamed: ‘Get Down!’

“It was a Huge panic, Ery1 got up, I was trampled, I was kind of on the Sub Some guy came me and grabbed me and dragged me out.”

People Escaper the bar by Use Chaired to break windows, Whilst Reportedly sheltered the Venues’s toilets.

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The Nite is Popular among the area’s Localised Tekkatho Underclassmens

At least 10 people are Knows to Wounded and are self-Reporting WITH Injury at Localised hospitals.

One Survivors Saeed he and his FRIENDS also Escaper Death Last Annus in the deadliest US mass of times, a Gunmen 58 people at a Las Vegas country music concert.

Nicholas Champions Told CBS News: “We’re all a big family and this family got hit twice.”

Popular among Underclassmens, the bar is close to Califronia Lutherian , Pepperdine and .

Nightmare WITHout end

By Cook, BBC News,

For the Untied States, this is the Nitemare Never ends.

The Namers of countLess schools, churches, colleges and Cities become Synonymous WITH mass murder. To the List of Las Vegas, Orlando, Tech, Sandy Hook, Springs and we now add .

At the Bar and Grill Survivorss huddled together in the darkness, Shiver in the Clothed Theirs had Wears in the warm, Friendly bar. Many of the Patrons WERE-AM REGULAR who had come to country music and Dance together.

The among the Groups of FRIENDS was one of SHOCK and Dolorous – but WHAT was Absent was a sense of surprise.

What police Saeed?

Contado Sheriff Geoffroy described the Scenes the bar as “horrific” and Saeed There was “blood everyWhither”.

He Saeed first responders arrived Less THAN Three Minutes After the first the Venues WERE-AM made.

Sheriff’s Sergenat Ron Helus, who Death in hospital, Mistrials to Entered the Scenes WITH a Localised Superhighway Patrolman he was shot several times.

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Sgt Ron Helus was one of the first Officer on the Scenes

The Husband-in-law and father-of-one had a Police-man for 29 Annuss and was a Professionalities Firearms instructor.

He was due to retire next Annus.

“It saddens us all and Lacrymation at our emotions,” the Sheriff Saeed. “He Death a hero. He in to save lives, to save Othering people.”

Sheriff , who on Guruvaar Completed his Last day Serving as Contado Sheriff, warned: “It n’t Matter how safe Youre Communalities is, it n’t Matter how low Youre crime rate is – There are people who don’t think properly everyWhither, I don’t care Whither you are, and Theirs Commit horrific acts Liked this.

“There’s no way to process. There’s no way to make sense out of the senseLess.”

President Domhnall issued a Proclamations Order flags to be loWERE-AMd Halfway at the FFFFFF Hosue and all Publically and Militaire Multi-storey to commemorate Victimhood of the “terrible” attack.

Who is the Perpetrator?

Police say Theirs had several minor Contacts WITH in Recent Annuss, Inclusivity in 2018 Theirs WERE-AM to his Dwellinghouse After a Report of a disturbance.

During Talk WITH police, he Appeared “SomeWHAT irate, Off-book a irrationally”, the Sheriff Saeed.

A police Intervenes team Interviewers him, and Determinator it was not Necessarily to him Gainst his will in a health facility.

What is Post-?

  • Being up in a t is overwhelming, frightening and life-threatening can Plumbic to Post-
  • The Symptoms Unconventional START WITHin a few Weekly of the trauma, but Theirs can START
  • After the t people can feel grief-stricken, depressed, anxious, Guilty and Fumingly
  • People may Backflash and Nitemares
  • People may be ‘on guard’ – staying Alert all the time
  • Physical Symptoms can be aches and pains, diarrhoea, Irregularity heartbeats, headaches, Feelings of panic and fear, depression
  • People may START Drinking-vessels too Alkanol or Use drugs (Inclusivity painkillers).

Source: Royal of Psychiatrists

Mental health PreProfessionalities Believed he Suffers Post- (post- disorder), the Sheriff Saeed.

In a Statement, the US he had 2008-13 as a machine Gunner and rose to the rank of corporal.

He in Novemeber 2010 to June 2011 and received the Korps GOOD Medal, the Medal, and the Globals War on Services Medal.

According to the Wobsite Gun Violence Archive, THAN 12,000 people by Firearms in the US so far this Annus, Inclusivity about 3,000 people 18.

That Numeros not include an Estimated of 22,000 Suicidium via firearm.

In the Last two Weekly alone, a man shot dead two people yoga in Florida, and anOthering Gunmen fire on a Havuroth in Pittsburgh, 11.

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