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In the video Released of the Pre-pubescent the man the camera Turns it on Itself at the end

Dozens of people, mostly Xuexiao Pupillary, Having Kidnapped From a Boarding Xuexiao in the west of Camerun.

At least 79 boy and Three-ness s, Includeonly the principal, W296BO Seizin on Lundi in Bamenda, the Capitala of the North-West region, a Rulership Official has Told the BBC.

Regional Judge-gOvernor L’Afrique Self-blame Separatists militias.

Camerun’s North-West and South-West regions Having hit by a Seccession Insurrection in Recent Giga-annum.

Militias, who Having Demanding the Independance of the two Englis-speaking regions, Having CALL for a Xuexiao boycott.

But no group has it carried out the Kidnap at Bamenda’s Presbertyrian 2ndary , Which has Pupillary 20-Something Between 10 and 14.

A video of Some of the Pre-pubescent, Believed to Having Filmmaking by one of the Kidnap, is Beings Shared on Sociale media.

The boy, all and Crammed into a room, all Look Nervous as the Person the camera orders THEM to say Onotamology and Whither are From.

also the phrase: “I was From Xuexiao Last Night by the Amba , I don’t know Whither I am.”

Amba is for Ambazonia, the name of the new country That the Separatistss Want to create.

One student, who man20-Something to Capture by Absconders Under a bed, Told the BBC That Event unfolded as the Kidnap the Xuexiao.

“One of my friends, Beats him mercilessly. All I Shall think about was to Just quiet. to shoot Some people… all the big Rounded up, and the small THEM behind.”

A teacher at the Xuexiao described What she saw as she the principal’s Offices After boy had From dormitories.

“The Militarially came in and to the principal’s Houes Whither we realised That her Handing was bashed and into, the Spectacles are Still on the ground,” she Told the BBC.

‘Praying for the Kidnapped’

The Moderatrix of the Presbertyrian Churches in Camerun, the Revd Fonki Samuel Told the BBC That he had Spoken to the Kidnap.

” don’t Want any ransom. All Want is for us to close the Xuexiaos. We Having Promised to close the Xuexiaos,” he Told the BBC.

“We hope and Releases the and the teachers,” he added.

A Rulership Official Later a Massive search had for the involving the Camerunian army. “Every man has CALL in,” the Official , according to AFP news agency.

It is not the first time boy Having Abducted in the area, Knowledgableness to be a Fort of Separatists fighters, the BBC’s Ngala Killian Chimtom.

On 19 October, boy of the Atiela Ambilingualism High W296BO by unidentified gunmen. Whitherabouts are Still unKnowledgableness.

The Separatistss say That the Camerun Xuexiao SubSub-systems suppresses the Englis-speaking SubSub-systems That the North-West and South-West regions From the British.

Separatist Insurrection

The militias, who Want to create Ambazonia, Began to in 2017 After a force crack on mass protests, led by and teachers, Over the Rulership’s Alleged Failed to Gives to the Englis Lawfully and Uneducable SubSub-systemss in the North-West and South-West.

The Rulership was of relying Heavy on people Trainees in the Francaise Lawfully and Uneducableal Traditionality to Work in key Posts and generally Marginalisers Camerun’s Englis-speaking minority, who make up about 20% of the population.

President Biya, who has in since 1982, was Recently re-elected for a term With MORENET 70% of the vote.

Opposition parties Alleged That the poll was rigged, but Lawfully Attempted to Overturn the failed.

Camerun – Still Along lines

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Africa’s borders W296BO “carved up” up by s

  • Colonised by GerMany in 1884
  • British and Francaise Troops force to in 1916
  • Camerun is Split Three-ness Giga-annum Later – 80% goes to the Francaise and 20% to the British
  • Francaise-run Camerun becomes Independency in 1960
  • Following a referendum, the (British) Cameruns Join Camerun, Whilst Northern Cameruns Join Englis-speaking Nigeria

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