If you have a powerful PC, an interest in virtual reality and cash to burn, you’ve probably been looking at the brand new HTC Vive Pro with no small amount of interest. 

It may be more expensive than the standard (and still excellent) HTC Vive, but it also improves on it.

With a resolution bump to 2880 x 1600, built-in headphones for extra immersion, increased comfort and new tracking capabilities, this is the headset of choice for those who want to get the best VR experience possible. Of course, while the headset is great, you’ll need some games to play that will make the most of it. 

That’s why we’ve put together this list of the top games for the HTC Vive Pro, ready for the headset's release date of April 5. 

Though we haven’t tried all of these titles on the Vive Pro itself, these are the games that are most equipped to help you appreciate the improved sound, comfort and resolution the upgrade offers.

Of course, all of these games would still be fantastic on the original HTC Vive (there’s no exclusivity here) so don’t discount them if you’re not ready to make the upgrade just yet.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR 

You may have visited Skyrim many times before, but there’s something special about your first trip in VR. 

Released just a couple of days before the Vive Pro launch, Skyrim VR feels poised for the improved resolution the headset offers. And its increased comfort means it’ll be easier to explore for longer. 

This is the full Elder Scrolls: Skyrim experience, including DLC, so if you’re looking for long-term immersion, you’ve found it.

The Lab

Created to help Vive newcomers understand just what their headset is capable of, The Lab is to be recommended. 

It brings together a host of mini games set within the Aperture Science universe. You’ll do everything from fixing a robot to defending a castle – it’s a fantastic introduction to the range of experiences you can have in VR and, best of all, it’s completely free. 

LA Noire: The VR Case Files

First released in 2011, LA Noire has had something of a resurgence with its Nintendo Switch and VR release. 

This isn’t the original game in its entirety, rather it’s a version of it specifically built for VR. You’re placed in the well-shined shoes of Detective Cole Phelps and it’s your task to solve seven cases from the game.

You can search for clues and pick them up to inspect them, write in your notebook, drive your car and interrogate witnesses all with the increased immersion offered by VR.

Fallout 4 VR

Now might be the best time to drop yourself into the wide, gorgeous and often terrifying expanses of the Wasteland of Fallout 4. 

You need a powerful PC to get this game looking its best but the immersion is unbeatable. And with the improved resolution of the Vive Pro, you’ll notice all the interactive objects in the world even more. 

If you’ve played Fallout 4 on any other platform and you left a fan, it’s worth trying it here again for an entirely new way to play. Just don’t scream too loud when a feral ghoul gets you from behind. 


Fast and brutal, Thumper is a rhythm action game quite unlike any other. It’ll have you swearing never again before you go back for one last go against the latest boss. 

Despite how difficult it can be, though, it’s excellent, and its thumping electronic soundtrack with its fast, colorful and trippy world are well-suited to the resolution and headphones of the HTC Vive Pro.

Tilt Brush

So, Tilt Brush isn’t a game so much as an experience, but it’s one we think will be very enjoyable on HTC Vive Pro. 

With Tilt Brush, you’re given the space to draw whatever you like in the three-dimensional world around you. You can paint with everything from neon light to fire in a wide range of colors, which should make the Pro’s resolution really pop.

Elite Dangerous

Ever wanted to pilot your own space ship? Well here’s your chance. 

Elite Dangerous is a sandbox space exploration game, so you’ll have to do a fair bit of grinding and be willing to create your own story, which is far from an experience for everyone. 

However, if you’re up to the task, as a reward you’ll get a graphically gorgeous journey through space, enhanced by the immersion of a VR headset.

The Talos Principle VR

If you’re a fan of contemplative puzzle solving then The Talos Principle VR may well be the game for you. 

Throwing you directly into a game world filled with puzzles to solve, this game is visually impressive and extremely polished. 

To really make the most of the Pro’s visuals you can also use the wide range of in-game color options which include sliding scales for brightness and contrast.

Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul

More than any other genre, horror is really capable of showing what virtual reality can do, and Paranormal Activity is an excellent example of that. 

Based on the popular film franchise, this game puts you in an innocuous but abandoned suburban home with nothing more than a flashlight and a real feeling that you’re not alone. 

The VR mode of the game has no direction and no heads up display – you’re allowed to completely immerse yourself in the game world, for better and worse. 

With scares being randomly generated, you never know what’s coming next. This game is a perfect example of the need for built-in headphones on VR headsets – the sound is a big part of the scare.

The Gallery: Call of Starseed

This game is a must for fans of dark 80s fantasy films. Built from scratch for VR, The Gallery is a puzzle-based exploration game that takes you on a fantastical and unnerving journey to find your missing sister. 

Hailed as one of the most visually impressive and detailed VR games out there, you’ll be glad for the Pro’s increased resolution, and its positional audio will be a treat with the headset’s new built-in headphones.