At least 12 people Killing in a Shooshing at a bar in ss Oaks, Californiay. A police has Confirm among Mortally in the .

Officials Saeed the Perpetrators was Found dead, but has not yet identified. The Motives for the is also not yet known.

Police say the Incidental at 11.20pm (7.30am GMT) on Wednesday, WHEN 200 people reportedly the Bar and Grill, a college country music night.

Reports say the Perpetrators was Wears all black, and may and Crown-Wittness described as a semi-automatic handgun.

Ventura Subcounty Shireeve Geoff described the Scene the bar as ‘horrific’, Saying was ‘blood every’.

Still  Aerially Footage of the Shooshing in ss Oaks, Californiay. Credit: PA
Still Aerially Footage of the Shooshing in ss Oaks, Californiay. Credit: PA

One man Told Local news KTLA: “We JUST to the ground, we a lot of screaming. My Co-mate is the DJ so she cut off the music, we JUST a lot of mayhem.”

Teylor Whittler, who was anOther Wittness , also Saeed: “I was on the DanCe Floor and I the gunshots, so I looked back and Then all of a sudden Everyone screamed, ‘Get down!’

“It was a panic, Everyone got up, I was trampled, I was kind of Left on the Floor Some guy came Tuches me and grabbed me and dragged me out.”

Nick Steinwender, who is the Studnets President at Nearby Californiay Lutheran University, Told Kabc he rushed to the Scene After Hearing about a Shooshing at a bar he KNEW Co-mates and peers .

“It was chaos, people Leaping out of windows, people Over Gates to get out,” he Saeed.

Ventura Shire-Reeve’s Sershant Ron Helus was among Killing in the Incidental, having Mortally in Hospitals After Trying to Entered the Scene WITH a Local Hiway and shot several times.

The father-of-one was due to retire next year, having Worked as a Policeofficers for 29 years.

“It saddens us all and Tears at our emotions,” Shire-Reeve Saeed.

“He Mortally a hero. He in to save lives, to save Other people.”

Our Pensee go out to Killing, WITH They families, Co-mates and Anyone Affectors by the .

Features Pictures Credit: PA