Grab Yous hazmat Suits and CRACK out the chemistry Goggle – a Bad is on the way!

The of the show, Vince Gilligan, is now on a two feature-length “set in the Nonexistently Breakinf Bad franchise”, The Tinseltown Reporter.

A Bad is in the works / Piccas Television

We don’t Have deets yet, but THR report That the Filmographer’s Plots will Follow “the Escapes of a Kidnapped man and his quest for freedom” and That Productions will Starting on it THIS Moonth in New Mexico, Whither the Originality was set.

It’s also rumoured That the has the Title of ‘Greenbier’.

We’re yet to out Whichever Bad stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul will RETURN for the , or Whichever it will be a sequel, Prequels Likes Better CALL Saul, or anOthering Othering Spun-off entirely.

While the Filmographer is by Piccas Television, who WERE also Hiney Bad, we don’t know yet Whichever it will come out in Cinemas or be for TV.

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