Black Friday is one of the busiest days in retail, with many stores and online shops offering day and week-long deals to entice customers. Promising big savings, shoppers can treat themselves with huge discounts, or buy Christmas gifts at a fraction of the cost. 

For retailers, this canhelp to draw in customers and boost sales – John Lewis, for example, reported their highest ever volume of online traffic for Black Friday 2017.However, it also adds additional pressures when it comes to shipping.

While big companies will already have measures in place to handle this, there are several steps small businesses and retailers can take, to process increased shipping for BlackFriday 2018.

Alter Your Fulfilment Plan

While you may usually have a small team working 9-5 to pick and pack orders, Black Friday can bringan increase in sales and as such, you may need to consider altering your fulfilment plans.

This could mean extending warehouse hours, hiring additional temporary staff, or offering employees overtime, to ensure all orders are processed and shipped quickly, without delay.

Get Stock Ready to Go

Depending on the type of business you own and the offers you are releasing for Black Friday, it may be agood idea to pre-empt additional orders by preparing stock in advance.

For example, if you are offering discounts on particular items, make sure you have enough in stock andplace them in easy-to-reach locations within your warehouse. This could speedup the picking process and help to get orders out fast.

Offer Free Shipping

With the rise of Ecommerce, customers are demanding more fromtheir shipping than ever before, from faster times to cheaper prices. This means that even with great deals on Black Friday offers, if delivery costs are too high, they may abandon their carts and look elsewhere.

To prevent this, consider offering free shipping. This could be on orders over a specific amount, such as£50. This could benefit your business by encouraging customers to spend more whilealso increasing the chance of them completing checkout.

Compare Delivery Services

If you do decide to provide your customers with free shipping options, then it’s even more important to secure the best delivery rates, so as not to eat into profits and affect your bottom line.

While you could get quotes from different delivery firms, comparison sites like Parcel2Go show you prices from some of the biggest shipping companies.

Hopefully these last-minute tips will help your business handle the Black Friday rush.