Vlogger KSI has opened up about an ongoing family feud after his brother released a video that included details from his bank statement.

KSI opened the video by telling his brother, Deji, he will always love him ‘no matter what we say or do’, saying: “Brothers fight, brothers say things they don’t mean.”

He then explained their spat was ‘a family matter that has become public’, saying that he’d tried in vain to keep it private.

In one of Deji’s vlogs, he claimed that KSI had blocked him on social meda ‘over this whole beef on diss tracks’.

In his response, KSI said: “I blocked you because you mentioned that I was hiding my girlfriend… That was number one.

“You released my bank statement for the public to see, which was also out of order Dej, come on.

KSI's bank balance in Deji's video. Credit: Deji/YouTube
KSI’s bank balance in Deji’s video. Credit: Deji/YouTube

“Thirdly, you said I got girls pregnant.

“This was all what you said publicly. Public, Dej. I told you time and time again not to do so and you still did it.

“I got angry and blocked you. It’s as simple as that.”

He added: “I just wish you’d called me, man.”

Deji claimed KSI had blocked him on social media. Credit: Deji/YouTube
Deji claimed KSI had blocked him on social media. Credit: Deji/YouTube

Many of KSI’s fans have stuck up for him after he shared the heartfelt video, with one saying: “Deji’s video just shows how immature he really is and his fans are much the same when they jumped to conclusions.

Another wrote: “The fact that you support your brother so much is enough to tell me that you 110% care about your family, and what Dej has done is bang out of order.

“He can’t start spreading personal details to the public without your permission and then blame you for not being with your family, even though you said that it was something you needed to work on, so it was a known issue. But what I respect the most is that you responded to this in a serious video.”

However, others speculated that the feud was ‘fake’, and questioned why KSI was addressing his brother so publicly.

One commented: “All bulls***. Watch in a few weeks. They will both making a video saying it’s fake. Mark my words.

A second said: “I swear if this is all fake…”

Another simply added: “Talk to him in person… We don’t need to know!

C’mon boys… pick up the phone and make up would ya?

Watch KSI’s response in full here.

Featured Image Credit: KSI/YouTube